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Podcasting can build, or damage your brand.  Empowering Serious Podcasters and executing a professional podcast, through LaunchPod not only sets you up for success, it also ensures effective content planning, host coaching and guest acquisition.


Set achievable goals, maintaining balance, and adapting to challenges while extracting valuable insights to promote healthy and consistent growth.

Market Share

Effective market analysis to tailor content that resonates and engages with a mass appeal or niche audience.

Podcast Access

Strategic placement across multiple platforms, leveraging social media, directories, and targeted outreach to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Character Development

Clear vision for character development including: motivations, flaws, and growth trajectory, ensuring hosts evolve authentically within the narrative.

Deep Learning

One mentorship package to address all integral facets of creating and sustaining industry leading podcasts.


Scaleable Growth

Intentional focus on creating consistently high-quality, relevant, and captivating material that attracts and retains a widening audience base.

What We Do

Empowering Serious Podcasters with Structure

You have the appetite, LaunchPod has the tools and expierence to cut through the crowded podcast space.

Concept, Design & Launch

Achieve an impressive launch of your podcast and remove the stress of maintaining the flow of content ideas through clearly identified character development and topic niches.

Enhanced Productivity

Efficient planning and scheduling to allow you the space to develop as a host and grow your podcast.

Improved Analytics

Mastering the identity of your podcast based on passion and analytics results in audience acquisition and brand growth.


What the Audience Says

Our clients love us. How about we listen to what the audiences say about our clients.


It was not just one thing. Great conversations about what people need to hear... whether they know it or not. You're making the world a better place. Don't stop.


You're the voice that i always hear on my way to work from edmonton to leduc... i know its just a short trip but your podcast keeps me awake on a cold night drive. GOD BLESS

Danny Johnstone

I work at night and it was like sitting with a bunch of friends with cool funny interesting conversation.

Donna Carson

Love your podcast, Shane. Always enjoy seeing Andy too. Still missing you from the nighttime radio show. Just not the same without you. Take care

Josie L

I'm really liking the raw, unpolished feel of these podcasts. Feels more professional and personal somehow.


There have been so many interviews and podcasts that have touched me. If I had to pick one Guest it would have to be Carrie she was a teacher that had a Heart Transplant this was back in November


What a gift waking up on Christmas to watch & listen to the podcast with you & Ryan. I am grateful that just listening to you on your podcasts, gives me a reflection of what things were & what I can look forward to in the future. Thank you for recognizing the importance of us, the listeners

Judy Richards

Love your podcast tremendously. You have a great voice for radio. It has a soothing element to it. Hosts like you are rare, and some wonderful, informative guests.